Just in case anybody sees this…

And by “this”, I mean all the seemingly “new” posts that have just been published. Sorry to disappoint you but they’re just the same old posts from… 3 years ago. Wow, hard for me to believe it’s been that long actually!

It’s just that I finally discovered a way to split the French and English versions of my posts and I wanted to try it, so I had to reorganise everything and create “new posts” containing the English version of my old articles 😉

And I know that the “latest” post said that my little shop was “now” open, but it’s not really open anymore… I still most of the jewellery pieces pictured in my previous articles though in case anyone’s interested ^^
These past three years have seen me change job location twice and move through 3 different houses with my family while spiritually great shifts have taken place (along with new Divinities in my personal pantheon, but that’s a whole other story!) so I simply didn’t have the time to maintain the shop, that’s all.

And though I’d love to say I’ll reopen it, the truth is I’ve no idea if or when I’ll find the time and energy to add it to all my other work obligations.

So if you or anyone you know is interested by one of the jewellery I’ve created or would like to see one of the pieces in higher resolution, just leave me a message and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible !


Natacha BoginskY, July 25th, 2016.

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My little shop is open!

Yayyyyy! O joy! Sweet euphoria! I’ve just opened my Etsy shop! 😀

Well for now there are only 4 pieces of jewelry but a lot more are coming… I just need to get nice pictures and work on the Lithotherapy properties of the stones (this part is the longest… but bright side: after some time I should at least get a lot of knowledge on this topic! 🙂 )

I’ve already got 11 more pieces crafted and waiting to have their individual picture taken!

So here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

More pieces to come 140513and here’s the direct link to my shop 😀 : http://www.etsy.com/shop/SkyNatCreations

Please let me know what you think and if you like it or think that you know someone you might do, feel free to spread the word!

Have a nice day wherever you are!

~Natacha BoginskY, May 14th, 2013

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1st jewelry creations!

It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been quite active in the creative department! I received all the stones I had ordered:

1st Stones reveived mix

and I started working with them! At first I created a few pieces for myself both as a training and as a treat O:)

Click to open any picture in big size and see all the details!

Iolite silver earrings & pendant montage parure Saphirs roses iolite apatite azurite-chrysocolle bracelet pendentif Rubis sur Zoizite
and when I felt confident enough, I started designing and crafting jewelry pieces for others. I’m currently drafting my General Terms and Conditions and will soon open a shop on Etsy to sell my creations!

If someone had predicted this for me even just a few months ago, I would’ve never believed them! It still feels incredible but I’m very excited about it and just hope that my work will please others!

Since I chose to use some rare (and relatively expensive) stones in some of my pieces, I decided to work only with silver and gold-plated so you’ll see no fake in my shop 😉

Here are the first pieces I created and more are coming!
Hope you like them 🙂

Two pairs of earrings with micro-faceted stones :
– the one on the left is composed of Tanzanite rondelles, sterling silver balls and a Iolite teardrop
– the one on the right is composed of Pink Sapphire rondelles, sterling silver balls and a central Imperial Topaz

b-o Saphirs roses & Tanzanites

This necklace is made of Sterling Silver chain, oval Chrysocolla beads and round smooth green Apatite beads.
It’s adjustable to 4 different lengths! On the first picture, you can see the comparisons between the shortest and the longest lengths, and on the 2nd picture, you can see all 4 of them :

collier chaine Chrysocolles & Apatites vertes collier chaine Chrysocolles & Apatites vertes montage porté

This bracelet has already been sold but can eventually be remade on demand. It’s composed of Lava beads and Golden Pyrite. It can be made on stretchy thread (as pictured) or on silver coated wire with a gold-plated clasp :

bracelet Lave & Pyrite dorée

I’ve already received and re-ordered some more beads in various stones, shapes and sizes, and I’ll keep posting my new creations here as they’re made so you get a chance to see them even before they’re on sale on Etsy!

Stay tuned! 😉

~ Natacha BoginskY, May the 5th 2013

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Spring gives birth to new ideas!

Spring is finally here! (so I changed the header pic!) 3 weeks late but I guess it’s better than never ^^ And maybe it’s the conjunction of Spring beginning just after the new moon… or could be that it’s now been 2 weeks and a half that I’m on sick-leave for a wonder combo of lumbago+burnout with a hint of sciatica… but my head has been bubbling with creative ideas lately!…

And so, after debating with myself for a couple of days about the financial investment required for my ideas, I decided to take the leap and ordered stone pearls and supplies yesternight.

Since most of the stones will come from abroad, I can’t know exactly when I’ll finally be in possession of everything but I’m quite impatient to get started!

What stones do you wonder?

– Iolites (smooth round, faceted round, and faceted teardrop) [Yes, I have the thing for iolites ^^]
– Imperial Topazes (rondelles)
– Pink Sapphires (rondelles and 3 gorgeous briolettes)
– Tanzanites (rondelles)
– semi-opaque Blue-Green Apatites (smooth round)
– Chrysocollas (smooth round and smooth flat oval)
– Azurite-Chrysocollas (smooth round)
– Gold Pyrites (micro-faceted rondelles)
– Lava beads (round)
– Lapis (smooth round)

I just created a new tab in the menu so that this post and future ones relating to my creations will be easier to find 😉
And I’ll also make a post someday about how creativity isn’t innate for everyone, ’cause it certainly wasn’t for me!…

Have a nice spring day wherever you are!

~ Natacha BoginskY, April 13th, 2013.

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In response to “Votum Solvit”

In response to Votum Solvit  http://bansheearts.com/2012/12/votum-solvit/

I am here to tell you that you CAN, and you SHOULD, negotiate with the Morrigan. (…)if She wants something from you, She’ll have it one way or another. That’s exactly why you MUST negotiate for terms that are safe for you and support your needs.

(…)The word [devotion] derives from ‘votum‘, a vow. Devotion, both as term and as concept, traces its origin to this ancient understanding of reciprocity, the exchange of offerings, acts of kinship that established the bonds of loyalty and mutual support between humans and Gods. We have always made deals with the Gods. Do not be afraid to state your terms.

I know this article was written with the Morrigan as principal focus but the author several times spoke of negotiating with “the Gods” not just with Her. The article made so much sense that though I do not work myself with the Morrigan, I actually considered the idea for a few moments to see if it matched my experience and would be a sound advice to incorporate into my own practice. It didn’t.  To me devotion is not just the making of a vow, it’s an act of love. I do see the relevance of the concept of Sovereignty here… after all, Isis is a Queen too but I’m not one to put a price on my love.

I mean, I wouldn’t even think of doing it with my husband or my best friend because honestly saying something like “You can count on me but only if in return I can count on you for this and that” strikes me as being quite rude. So clearly I’m not gonna do it with my Goddess!

I do believe that reciprocity is important in any relationship but I also believe that it works better when the trust is implicit and the acts are made willingly rather than by contractual obligation.

I don’t only offer my love unto Isis, I put my trust in Her hands. I get that working with different deities requires different ways, and thus having no experience of the Morrigan, I won’t challenge the opinion of this blog’s author regarding Her, just for the sake of argument.  I just wanted to give my two cents, stressing that though negotiations with the Gods might be good, necessary or preferable in some cases, I don’t think it should be given as a ready-to-use advice for all situations and all Gods or Goddesses. The “right thing to do” will depend mostly on your own personality and the type of relationship that you seek to foster with Them.

~ Natacha BoginskY, April 2nd, 2013.

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Called by a Goddess

Called by a Goddess / Appelée par une DéesseSo I said in my previous entry that I had finally had my calling a couple of years ago, and being someone who doesn’t see, hear, or feel things, you probably wondered how it came to me. Well, what can I say? The Gods do work in mysterious ways… and clearly know which ones to use with each of us!

Though it’s been 15 years I started walking on the esoteric and magical path, it hasn’t been that long that I began to develop a curiosity and an interest for paganism. During the first years, I did not really believe in a Goddess or a God (even harder for me to even say the word “God” back then, since I came from a Catholic background). I saw them as primal life-creating Energies, present in the whole universe. But I kept reading accounts from many pagans talking about having a relationship with this Goddess or that God, and so the question remained suspended for a long time: what exactly were these people talking about… were the gods and goddesses actually real?

One night, the frustration of not being able to find my own answer to this question was so overwhelming that I started talking in front of a small spiral goddess statue, with tears in my eyes. I took out my pentagram necklace and placed it around the statue’s neck and after a little while, the answer (not as in “THE Answer” but rather like “my answer”) dawned on me and I felt inside that I was in peace and that the question was no more.

How to say it? Something about the 5 points of the pentagram and the way they were all simultaneously distinct yet interconnected and part of a whole just clicked and made sense to me. The Gods and Goddesses became like the tips of a 5 pointed star: every one of Them unique but also part of a bigger whole. Like the multiple facets of a diamond and like the many roles we too play in our lives: I can be “Honey” to my husband, “Mum” to my kids, “Mrs” to my pupils… depending on who’s calling and why, I respond to different people in different manners. Yet all of these “me” are part of the bigger whole that is my entire personality. But no one really gets to see this entire picture that makes who I am. They can only catch glimpses of it through the many faces I wear 😉 And I believe that it’s a little like that for the deities. They are all real, and clearly you will not get the same type of response If you’re calling upon say Hecate or Brighid! But in the same time, I believe They are part of a bigger Energy source that we probably cannot fully apprehend. So we do our best by connecting to those faces who speak to us the most.

Some time after this realization, I started to think that it would only make sense if I ever wanted to get closer to the Goddess to choose out of Her multiple faces one appealing to me so that I could try to develop a relationship with Her and this way move closer to the core of the source.

I mentally drew a short list of the first names that I could think of and that evoked Goddesses I found appealing: Danu, Rhiannon, Arianrhod, Bélissama… I was clearly going for a Celtic Goddess and was determined to conduct researches about all These to help me decide! But like I said at the beginning of this article, the Gods work in Their own ways to get our attention… The day right after I drew this list, a Goddess I would’ve never anticipated approached me. How? Through synchronicities… I suddenly started to see Her EVERYWHERE! On Internet (on pages I knew and had never encountered Her before), in shops on articles and magazines covers, on books… Wherever I looked, not even searching, She was there. Some signs were just so huge it was ridiculous but I decided not to overlook them and investigate Her. Soon I realized that She had been with me a long time before I knew it… I started to notice little signature signs of Her presence in my past, both recent and older…

My interest for Her grew to the point that I actually never researched the other Goddesses I had first thought of! I was absorbed. I felt called to pay attention to Her and to respond, and it felt right. And this is how the Celtic-attracted that I was became… a devotee of Isis.

Unfortunately I’m not (yet?) on the lucky side of those who can say that they feel the presence of their God or Goddess every day or even on a regular basis. I don’t. But I know She’s here. It may sound crazy to say that I know that without feeling, but I do. And I know we go back a long time! It just took me a while to figure it out, but now She’s part of me and of my life. My love for Her is great and my devotion sincere, and I’m sure She knows it.

So Hail Isis! May this post be a tribute to all Thou bringst in my life and a public offering of love unto Thee!

~Natacha BoginskY, March 29th 2013

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Why this blog and who is it for?

So, here we go. The reason I had never yet created a blog – even though I considered it several times – was simple: I thought I wasn’t knowledgeable nor experienced enough to actually have something worth sharing.

Then, a few days ago, on my FB newsfeed, someone posted a link to this article http://sexgodsrockstars.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/we-can-learn-a-lot-from-things-that-annoy-us-or-what-i-figured-out-about-the-proliferation-of-lokis-wives-online/ , quoting a specific paragraph:

“Tell your story. Tell your story even if you’re still figuring it all out. Admit you don’t have a God phone. Write a blog that’s all about how hard it is for you to meditate. (…) Talk openly about how all this talk of spirit work makes you feel lesser because you weren’t chosen for that. Create a Tumblr for people who don’t hear the Gods, and encourage each other to create and stick to devotional work in spite of that.”

This part echoed deeply within because I suddenly realized that if people were only writing about their great and extraordinary achievements, it could be quite disheartening for those still new on their path, or struggling to progress, and that not only was there nothing wrong with writing about one’s difficulties and limitations but that it could even be useful and maybe provide others with some insight!

IRL I’m a teacher. I’m French and I teach English as a foreign language in a Junior High Shool (you’ll excuse my mistakes – and are more than welcome to correct and explain them if you spot some ^^ – I’m something of a self-taught English speaker and have never got the chance to stay in an English-speaking country so I know that though I’m fluent I’m not bilingual… Anyway…). On occasions I tell my pupils not to misjudge their own level too quickly, that when I was their age my grades pretty much sucked in the discipline I now teach… So it’s all about motivation and work but we do have the power to change the turn of things in our lives.

And I suppose I could apply this same sound advice to myself when I lament my lack of spiritual abilities, or my uneasiness with basic concepts like grounding, meditating, visualizing, or simply “sensing” energies… be it from stones to rituals.

Brrr… This makes me feel quite naked to state what I can’t help but considering like personal “flaws” out loud. But well, that’s the truth. And I’m not really new on the path.

If you count all past years since my interest in esoteric first started, it must be about 15 years. Now if you count the time I actually spent reading or practicing and you put all these hours together, it will be significantly less… And this too tends to make me feel sort of ashamed. I have developed some inferiority complex over the years about all the books I bought but have only flipped through here and there rather than really read,  and about all the experience I should possess by now but still don’t.

Maybe it’s all just an unconscious excuse for failing: “I’m not very good at this but it’s only because I haven’t learned enough yet …”

But the truth is, despite my lack of knowledge or experience, I finally found my calling a couple of years ago and it came from a Goddess I would’ve never thought about! (more on this in a later entry ^^) and even if I still wish I were more this and that – especially when I hear or read about people who are – I’m now moving at my own pace on my own path.

It’s up to us to turn our disadvantages to assets. If there’s one thing I know as a teacher it’s that we can always learn not only from a mistake but also from the process of overcoming difficulties. Challenges help to expand our minds, make us grow and move ahead!

So let’s not stop because we think less of ourselves than of some examples we have under our eyes. Each person’s path is unique. To each its personal struggles and own benefits. The struggles of the “not-so-gifted” (yet?) on a spiritual journey are not less overcomeable (did I just coin a word?) than those of a gifted person. They are just different and shouldn’t be a cause for giving up.

The fact that it’s hard just means that we need to hold on tight.

~ Natacha Boginsky – March 28th, 2013.

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