Spring gives birth to new ideas!

Spring is finally here! (so I changed the header pic!) 3 weeks late but I guess it’s better than never ^^ And maybe it’s the conjunction of Spring beginning just after the new moon… or could be that it’s now been 2 weeks and a half that I’m on sick-leave for a wonder combo of lumbago+burnout with a hint of sciatica… but my head has been bubbling with creative ideas lately!…

And so, after debating with myself for a couple of days about the financial investment required for my ideas, I decided to take the leap and ordered stone pearls and supplies yesternight.

Since most of the stones will come from abroad, I can’t know exactly when I’ll finally be in possession of everything but I’m quite impatient to get started!

What stones do you wonder?

– Iolites (smooth round, faceted round, and faceted teardrop) [Yes, I have the thing for iolites ^^]
– Imperial Topazes (rondelles)
– Pink Sapphires (rondelles and 3 gorgeous briolettes)
– Tanzanites (rondelles)
– semi-opaque Blue-Green Apatites (smooth round)
– Chrysocollas (smooth round and smooth flat oval)
– Azurite-Chrysocollas (smooth round)
– Gold Pyrites (micro-faceted rondelles)
– Lava beads (round)
– Lapis (smooth round)

I just created a new tab in the menu so that this post and future ones relating to my creations will be easier to find 😉
And I’ll also make a post someday about how creativity isn’t innate for everyone, ’cause it certainly wasn’t for me!…

Have a nice spring day wherever you are!

~ Natacha BoginskY, April 13th, 2013.


About Natacha BoginskY

I'm a French solitary practising pagan, for whom the term "headblind" quite fits. For my living, I teach English as a foreign language in a Junior High School. / Je suis une païenne pratiquant en solo, à qui le terme "headblind" (créé pour désigner des personnes n'ayant pas d'abilité ou de grande sensibilité psychique) correspond plutôt bien. Côté travail, je suis prof d'anglais dans un collège.
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