My little shop is open!

Yayyyyy! O joy! Sweet euphoria! I’ve just opened my Etsy shop! 😀

Well for now there are only 4 pieces of jewelry but a lot more are coming… I just need to get nice pictures and work on the Lithotherapy properties of the stones (this part is the longest… but bright side: after some time I should at least get a lot of knowledge on this topic! 🙂 )

I’ve already got 11 more pieces crafted and waiting to have their individual picture taken!

So here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

More pieces to come 140513and here’s the direct link to my shop 😀 :

Please let me know what you think and if you like it or think that you know someone you might do, feel free to spread the word!

Have a nice day wherever you are!

~Natacha BoginskY, May 14th, 2013


About Natacha BoginskY

I'm a French solitary practising pagan, for whom the term "headblind" quite fits. For my living, I teach English as a foreign language in a Junior High School. / Je suis une païenne pratiquant en solo, à qui le terme "headblind" (créé pour désigner des personnes n'ayant pas d'abilité ou de grande sensibilité psychique) correspond plutôt bien. Côté travail, je suis prof d'anglais dans un collège.
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